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Green Mango Salad | Raw Mango Kachumber

Learn how to make green mango salad recipe | raw mango kachumber recipe with step by step pictures and detailed procedure.
Green Mango Salad | Raw Mango Kachumber is a crunchy and tangy vegetable salad. Mango season is around the corner in San Diego and I have been seeing some fresh green mangoes in our nearby grocery store. So it is time to make mango recipes and post it in my blog.

Mango kachumber is a spicy salad which can be served as a side dish for rice and roti. It is a perfect summer salad recipe and there is no oil dressing in this mango kachumber. You can even keep this salad as a base for bhel puri or masala puri chaat. I tried this mango salad with bhel puri it tasted good.

Recipe - Green Mango Salad | Raw Mango Kachumber  Serves - 2  Cuisine - Indian  Course - Salad  Prep time - 15 mins  Diet - Vegetarian, and Vegan

Green mango kachumber ingredients: 1. Raw Mango - 1 medium
2. Onion - 1 Small
3. Tomato - 1 small
4. Cucumber - 1 small
5. Carrot - 1 small
6. Cilantro / Coriander l…

Indian Dal Soup Recipe | Vegan Yellow Lentil Soup

Hi Everyone! Looking for a healthy, warm and comforting soup? Here, I'm presenting a "Indian yellow dal soup Recipe". It is a hearty and delectable soup that can be prepared within 20 minutes. Lentil soup is a nourishing dish which are packed with nutrients. Dals are rich in fiber and contains healthy carbs. It is a great source of protein as well. Our south Indian meals would never be completed without a bowl of dal, we include them in many recipes such as sambar, rasam, lentil vegetable curry etc. In this recipe, I have used 2 varieties of dals, which are toor dal and channa dal. Toor dal also known as pigeon peas in English, arhar dal in Northern India, thuvaram parrupu in Tamil Nadu, thuvara parippu in Kerala, togari bele in Karnataka and kandi pappu in Telugu.  Channa dal is otherwise known as yellow split chickpeas, bengal gram, kabuli channa and kadale bele in karnataka, kadalai paruppu in Tamil Nadu. Some people like to add yellow moong dal, but I don't like…

Cucumber Moong Dal Salad | Southekayi Kosambari | Vellarikka Kosumalli

Hello everyone! I'm here to show you how to prepare "Cucumber Moong Dal Salad" also known as "Southekayi Kosambari" which is a traditional recipe prepared on special occasions and festivals in the southern part of India. It is a healthy salad, has a mild spice and tangy flavored kosambari. Cucumber is my favorite vegetable so I often prepare this salad at home. It is quite easy which can be prepared in a jiffy. So lets get started!
Ingredients: (Serves 2)
1. Cucumber - 1 big
2. Yellow moong dal - 3 tbsp
3. Coconut - 2 tbsp shredded
4. Ginger - 1 inch piece grated
5. Cilantro - 5 sprigs
6. Salt - As per taste
7. Lemon juice- 1 tbsp
For Seasoning:
1. Oil - 1 tbsp
2. Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
3. Green chilis - 1
4. Red chili - 1
5. Curry leaves - 2 sprigs
6. Asafoetida - 2 pinches
1. Wash and soak the moong dal in hot water for 2 hours or soak them overnight as per your convenience. Drain the water and keep the soaked dal aside.
1. Dice the cucumb…

Apple Walnut Fruit Salad Recipe

Hi there! I'm back with another fruit salad recipe "Apple Walnut Salad". These days, I have been making some different combination of fruit and nut salad to have it as my first meal (after a glass of warm water) in the morning. I believe having fruits on an empty stomach gives me the required energy and helps to detoxify. This apple walnut salad is healthy and nutritious. It is a versatile fruit bowl which can be consumed as a breakfast or as a mid morning snack. Its easy, quite filling and hardly took 5 minutes to prepare. So lets get started!
Ingredients: (Serves 2)
1. Apple - 2 big
2. Walnuts - 12 to 15 halves
3. Lemon juice - 2 tsp
4. Honey - 1 tbsp
1. Dice the apple into cube size and roughly chop the walnuts as per your desired size. (Note: You can choose any variety of apples).
2. Transfer the apples and walnuts into a salad bowl.
3. Squeeze some lemon juice and pour a tablespoon of honey over the fruit salad and give it a nice mix. Apple walnut salad is…

lobia salad | karamani salad | lobia chaat recipe | black eyed beans chaat

Karamani Salad | Lobia Chaat Recipe | Black Eyed Beans Chaat

Lobia salad recipe | lobia chaat recipe | karamani salad recipes | black-eyed beans chaat | rongi salad with detailed step by step images, lobia nutrition facts, and calories.
The other names for black-eyed beans are black-eyed peas, cowpeas, goat peas, lobia, lobya, rongi, chawli. karamani, or thattapayaru in Tamil, alsande kalu in Kannada, and alasandalu in Telugu.
Lobia is packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. You all know that I'm a salad person and love to try various kinds of salads for our lunch. Plus, adding a cup of boiled beans in the regular veg salad supplies a lot of protein which in turn gives a satiated feeling for a longer time.

In this lobia salad recipe, I have combined around 9 assorted varieties of veggies to make it healthy and wholesome and also offers a diverse flavor. The boiled bean has a soft firm texture with a nutty flavor, and the bell pepper has a crunchy texture. Plus, the raw mango gi…

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