Frequently Asked Question's:

1. What is the reason behind Pavi's Kitchen website?

The main reason I started my website is to keep a digital record of my recipes and festival procedures.

2. Who is behind Pavi's Kitchen?

Planning a recipe, buying ingredients, cooking, decorating the food, photoshoot, writing a recipe, editing, posting it online, maintaining the website are done by me. 

3. Who is the photographer behind Pavi's Kitchen?

I click all the pictures under daylight. I use both SLR and a mobile phone. Sometimes, I use my cooking range light to click pictures.

4. Where do the recipes come from?

All the recipes posted here are tried and tested in my kitchen. Some of the recipes are my own ideas, a few are from my friends and family members.

5. What is the logo of Pavi's Kitchen?

6. What kind of cookware I use in my cooking?

I use basic kitchen utensils for my cooking. Most of the pans and pots are bought in the US. According to me, anyone can cook food without using fancy utensils and exotic ingredients. 

7. What is the future plan of Pavi's Kitchen?


8. How to contact Pavi's Kitchen?

You can email me using the contact form on my website or direct message me on  Instagram

This is a public food blog, so anyone can follow me on social media or email me if you have any questions and queries related to my post and food recipes. Please be courteous while leaving your comment. Any questions which are not related to my blog or recipes will not be answered and abusive comments will be deleted and reported. Thank you for your co-operation!

9. How long it will take to get a reply from me?

I will try to respond within an hour or so if it's an important question, otherwise, it will take a day or two to get back to you.

10. Can I adapt Pavi's kitchen recipes and photographs on YouTube, blog, and website?

No. All the photos, content, and images are copyright protected. Please do not download, copy, or take a screenshot of my recipe photos. 

If you have tried any of my recipes and want to adopt the same on your website, please give a credit to me and attach a clickable link to Pavi's Kitchen recipe URL. 

Also, write the recipe in your own words and use your own photographs. Thank you for understanding!!!

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