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Pineapple kesari recipe | pineapple rava kesari | pineapple kesari bath

Karnataka style pineapple kesari bath recipe Pineapple Kesari recipe | pineapple rava Kesari | pineapple kesari bath | pineapple sheera | pineapple halwa |  Pineapple semolina pudding (Indian style)  with detailed stepwise images and procedures. Rava Kesari  is a classic Indian semolina pudding typically made from semolina (rava/sooji), sugar, water, and ghee.  Pineapple rava Kesari   is nothing but an addition of pineapple chunks to a plain rava Kesari which makes the sweet more distinct and flavorsome. It is a very popular dessert in South India. Kesari can be served warm or cold, but this tastes exceptionally great when served warm along with ghee fried cashews on top. A hot scoopable kesari is my all-time favorite dessert.  This recipe is easy as well as quick to make.   Even a novice can try this dish without any hassle. It is a must-try recipe if you are fond of pineapples.  I would always prefer a  pineapple kesari   bath over the plain one. The specialty of this recipe is, in e

Arbi fry recipe | seppankizhangu roast | cheppankizhangu varuval | colocasia recipe | taro root fry

South Indian style Arbi fry recipe | Seppankizhangu roast Seppankilangu roast | Cheppankizhangu varuval | Colocasia curry | Taro root fry | kesuvina gedde curry | chamagadda/chamadumpa veppudu with detailed stepwise images. Seppankizhangu roast is a popular south Indian recipe. It is a simple side dish that goes well with roti, rice, and tastes so great with lemon rice, tamarind rice, coconut rice, etc. As the arbi fry is soft and crispy, it can be tried as a starter or a snack as well. This recipe is made similar to my potato fry recipe . Simply boil the arbi and pan-fry with spices and oil. It's such an easy and quick to make as well. It is a mildly spiced roast with no onion, tomato, ginger, and garlic are used.  Arbi fry can be stir-fried, shallow fry, as well as deep-fried. But, I always prefer a pan-fry method as it takes up very little oil. Taro root is a starchy root/tuber vegetable that appears dark brown in color and has a coarse surface with a fibrous exterior and has

Carrot halwa recipe | Gajar ka halwa | how to make carrot halwa | with khoya

Carrot halwa recipe with Khoya Carrot halwa recipe | gajar ka halwa | how to make gajar halwa | gajar halwa recipe | gajrela | gajar pak with detailed step by step photos. Carrot halwa is a vegetable-based halwa, a rich Indian carrot pudding made with freshly grated carrots, full-fat milk, sugar, and ghee as main ingredients. This carrot-based Indian dessert is very popular in Punjab and extensively well-known delicacy in Pakistan and Bangladesh. So, the name "Ghajar" denotes carrot in Hindi, and "Halwa" is an Arabic word for sweet. Halwa is also spelled as halva, halvah, etc. Gajar halwa  is a very traditional dessert that can be made with ease. It is usually prepared by simmering grated carrots in full-fat milk, sweetened with sugar, and stirred in lots of ghee. It is also  laced with grated khoya for a rich flavor. This delicacy is specially made during festivals like Diwali, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, and also served at many weddings. It is usually served warm or c

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