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Pasalai Keerai Poriyal | Palak Keerai Poriyal | Spinach Stir Fry Indian

South Indian Style Spinach Stir Fry Recipe

Keerai poriyal recipe | Palak keerai poriyal | Pasalai Keerai poriyalrecipe with detailed step by step photos and procedure. It is a south Indian poriyal recipe,spinach stir fry with garlic, onion, and coconut as the main ingredients. Spinach is called as keerai and palak variety as pasalai keerai in Tamil.

Keerai poriyal recipe is a traditional recipe hails from Tamil Nadu. It is easy to prepare, also a very healthy and flavorful side dish for rice and roti. This dish can be prepared within 15 mins. You can also make this keerai poriyal without coconut. Traditionally, the grated coconut is added at the end of the curry to enhance the taste and flavor. Also, it can be easily modified as no onion and no garlic recipe as well.

Keerai poriyal is a great accompaniment for rice, roti, phulkas. To be precise, it tastes so delicious with parrupu sadham (dal chawal), sambar rice, rasam rice, and curd rice. My amma used to make this por…

mullangi poriyal recipe | radish poriyal | mullangi curry | radish palya

Mullangi Poriyal Recipe | Radish Poriyal | Radish Curry

Mullangi Poriyal Recipe | Radish Poriyal Recipe | Radish Stir Fry with detailed step by step pictures. A South Indian style radish curryrecipe that goes well with rice, roti, phulkas, and chapathi. Mullangi refers to radish and poriyal means stir fry in Tamil. Mullangi poriyal is a side dish made from white radish, sauteed onion, Indian spices, and grated coconut. It tastes great with Sambar, rasam, and curd rice.

Radish is an edible root vegetable, widely grown and consumed throughout the world. To my surprise, I never knew that radish comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors as I was only familiar with white long ones which are called the Daikon variety in India. Daikon is also known as mooli, white radish, winter radish, Chinese radish, and Japanese radish, and so on. Both the root and green leaves are edible. 

After moving to the US, I was amazed to see that radish comes in red, purple, green colors as well. Th…

Aloo Palak Sabji Recipe | Saag Aloo Recipe | Palak Aloo

Aloo Palak Ki Sabji Recipe | Saag Aloo Recipe (Punjabi Dhaba Style).

Aloo palak sabji | Aloo palak ki sabji | Aloo palak recipe | Saag Aloo Recipe with a detailed step by step photos, procedure, health benefits, calorie chart, and nutrition facts. Aloo denotes potato and saag/palak means spinach in Hindi. Aloo is also called as aaloo/aalu/alu
Aalu palak ki sabji is a delicious and flavorful Indian side dish recipe where the spinach and boiled potatoes are cooked in aromatic Indian spices that includes red chili, turmeric and coriander powder. It is a simple recipe made with minimal ingredients. 
Aloo palak curry is also known as Aloo palak sabji recipe, palak aloo recipeAloo palak bhaji, Palak aloo ki sabji, Aloo palak ki sabzi, Saag aloo, Spinach potato curry, etc.
Aloo palak sabzi recipe is a stir-fried North Indian based spinach potato curry recipe. It is a popular dish served in roadside restaurants which are called Dhaba in the Northern part of India. This Aloo palak re…

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