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cucumber gojju | cucumber hasi gojju | southekai gojju recipe

Authentic Udipi style southekayi hasi gojju | raw cucumber hasi gojju.

Learn how to make a traditional and authentic southekayi hasi gojju recipe also known as raw cucumber hasi gojju!!
Southekai hasi gojju | Cucumber hasi gojju is a northern Karnataka recipe. Southekayi means raw  cucumber and hasi gojju means raw sauce/gravy in Kannada. It is a refreshing raw cucumber side dish recipe.

Basically, this southekayi hasi gojju doesn't require any heating process except for tempering/seasoning. The main ingredients are grounded and combined with cucumber in the raw form. In short, it is a raw cucumber with green chutney recipe.

Raw cucumber hasi gojju is served before sambar and rasam. It is a traditional Karnataka recipe mainly served on auspicious occasions in Udipi, Karnataka. It can be eaten with roti, chapati, akki roti, curd rice, hot steamed plain rice, etc.

This southekayi hasi gojju can be prepared within 5 to 10 mins. My loving ammama (grandma) makes this tasty southekayi hasi…

Banana Walnut Bread (Eggless Vegan) Recipe

Eggless Vegan Banana Walnut Bread Recipe
Learn how to make homemade eggless vegan banana walnut bread recipe!  Looking for a moist banana walnut bread recipe which is made of whole wheat flour with no eggs, no maida, and no dairy? A slice of banana walnut bread is a delicious sweet bread made from overripe mashed bananas, whole wheat flour, walnuts, and oil. I would often prepare this banana walnut bread recipe at home, especially when I have overripe bananas in hand. Besides, walnuts are added for an extra crunch which makes the banana bread more flavorful and irresistible.
The vegan banana walnut bread can be served as an evening snack with coffee or tea or eaten as a dessert. In fact, it can be enjoyed at any time of the day. This easy banana bread is very simple to prepare and takes just 1 hour to bake. Of course, the baking time varies as per the conventional oven you use.

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Fruit Platter Recipe | Fruit Tray Recipe | Fruit and Nut Salad

Fruit Platter Recipe | Fruit Tray Recipe | Fruit and Nut Salad

The fruit and nut platter is a healthy mix of fresh fruits and nuts. This colorful combination of fruits is loaded with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. This beautiful fruit salad is topped up with a variety of crunchy nuts, dried fruits, and seeds as a fruit salad dressing.

Further, either honey or dates syrup can be drizzled over the fruit salad to balance the sweetness of the fruits. Adding honey is completely optional and vegans can totally skip this.

Though it is a simple fruit salad, the main purpose of this post is to inspire my friends, and readers of Pavi's kitchen to start their day by having a healthy and nutritious breakfast. That is the motive behind my food blog.

These gorgeous fruit platter recipes are perfect for all types of season. The fruit-based salad can be enjoyed as a breakfast, mid-morning snack, or as an everyday meal. Besides, this fruit tray is so appealing to the eyes which can be made in …

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