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Butterscotch Milkshake Recipe | Butterscotch Ice Cream Shake

Butterscotch Milkshake with Butterscotch Ice Cream

Butterscotch Milkshake Recipe | Butterscotch ShakeRecipe | Butterscotch Ice cream shake with detailed step by step photos and procedure.
Butterscotch milkshake is a yummylicious drink made from butterscotch ice cream and milk. This shake has a rich and creamy texture which is insanely irresistible. It is a perfect drink to slurp on a hot summer day which will quench your thirst instantly and this can be prepared in a jiffy. 
The shake can be topped up with whipped cream, choco chips, sauce, syrup, nuts, saffron strands, and so on.

I just love to prepare a variety of shakes, fruit juices, fruity milkshakes at home, especially in the summer to beat the heat. But, I don't make ice cream-based shakes every day as it is a high-calorie drink. Once in a while, I do enjoy having this thick and creamy shake. This can be prepared with store-bought or homemade ice creams too.
In this shake recipe, I have used the Amul butterscotch bliss ice cream…

Carrot Poriyal Recipe | Carrot Palya | Carrot Stir Fry

Tamil Nadu style carrot with coconut stir fry recipe

Tamil Nadu style carrot with coconut stir fry recipe | carrot palya recipe | carrot poriyal recipe with a detailed step by step images, and benefits.
Carrot poriyal is one of the popular South Indian style poriyal recipes.It pairs well with rice, roti, and tastes delicious with sambar, dal tadka, rasam, and curd rice as well.
Carrot dry curry is a no onion, no garlic, no masala, and a vegan recipe. It is also served at weddings and parties. The carrot stir fry makes a wholesome meal when you have it along with roti and dal sabzi.

Carrot coconut curry is quite easy to prepare and doesn't take much time. Coconut is an optional ingredient, it is usually added to enhance the flavor that makes the entire curry flavorsome and aromatic.
Sometimes I do skip coconut in my curry. In fact, most of the South Indian poriyal recipes can be made without coconut, onion, and garlic too. It is such a simple and healthy side dish. N…

Chow Chow Kootu Recipe | Bangalore Kathrikai Kootu

Chow Chow Kootu | chayote stew | Bangalore kathirikai kootu

Learn how to make chow chow kootu recipe | chayote stew recipe | Bangalore kathirikai kootu | Bangalore brinjal curry | Seema vankaya kootu |  seeme badanekai kootu | chayote coconut curry. 
An authentic south Indian style kootu recipe with a detailed step by step photos, procedure, and health benefits.
Kootu is a Tamil word that means "add", it is a type of stew where the cooked vegetables, dal, and spices are combined to the ground coconut paste. It is a simple and traditional recipe from Tamil Nadu. 

Kootu is a healthy, and tasty side dish. It has a thick texture and semi-solid consistency. You can have this kootu with sambar rice, rasam rice, curd rice, roti, and chapati as well. Most of the kootu varieties have some kind of veggies, coconut, and a combination of dals in it. You can use any one variety or a combination of lentils that include moong dal, Toor dal, channa dal, urad dal, masoor dal, etc.
Poricha kootu w…

Jeera Rasam Recipe | Jeerige Saaru Recipe | Cumin Rasam

Jeera Rasam | Jeeraga Rasam | Cumin Rasam | Jeerige Saaru

Learn how to make jeera rasam recipe | jeeraga rasam recipe | Seeraga rasam | cumin rasam| jeerige saaru recipe with a detailed step by step photos and procedure.
Rasam is a popular South Indian recipe. It is usually served as a second course after Sambar. 
Jeeragam/Seeragam means cumin seeds in Tamil. Jeera rasam is quite simple to prepare. It just requires a few basic ingredients like tomato, tamarind, along with some soaked and coarsely grounded Indian spices. Moreover, this rasam can be prepared with or without rasam powder.
Rasam is usually consumed as a soup or served along with steamed rice and side dishes like fry/varuval or poriyal/palya. Rasam is an everyday affair for people in Tamil Nadu. The distinct taste of cumin seeds comes from this jeera rasam makes flavorful and hearty,hence we call this rasam as jeeragam rasam.

As per Wikipedia, rasam means "juice". It can refer to any juice, but in South Indian homes r…

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