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Tropical Fruit Salad With Honey Lime Dressing

Hi folks, I'm back with a simple fruit salad recipe. It has been a month since I posted a recipe in Pavi's Kitchen. My mom and in-laws are here, we are all enjoying and spending the time togetheršŸ˜Š My day blooms in a beautiful way learning and cooking different dishes from them. Recently, I made a tropical fruit salad recipe with honey lime dressing for our mid morning snack. I tried this fruit salad based on the availability of fruits in our nearby grocery store, so you may exercise your choice with seasonal fruits.
The honey-lime dressing gives a sweet and sour taste to the fruit salad which helps to balance the excess sweetness of the fruits. Everyday, I usually include at least two varieties of fruits in my diet to beat the sugar crave. I love to try seasonal fruits but mangoes, jack fruit and papayas are my favorite ones. In San Diego, Ataulfa and Ketit variety of mangoes are available through out the year but nothing can beat my favorite Indian "Banganapalli mangoes&…

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