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Kondakadalai Salad Recipe | Chole Salad Recipe | Chickpea

Chickpea Salad Recipe | Kondakadalai Salad | Chole Salad Recipe

Chickpea salad recipe | kondakadalai salad | chole salad with step by step detailed procedure. It is a simple and nutritious salad to make at home.
The other names for chickpea are garbanzo bean, Egyptian pea, Bengal gram in English. Also channa and chole in Hindi, and kondakadalai in Tamil. 
We love to have salads for lunch. In India, chickpeas are used in different ways. Boiled beans are used to make salads, curry for roti and chapati, sundal recipes, etc. The chickpea flour or besan flour is used to prepare bajji, bonda, pakoras, dhokla, etc. Besan flour can also be used on our face and body to get smooth and flawless skin. 
Chickpea is our favorite legume, it is loaded with proteins, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It is a perfect recipe for vegans and vegetarians. I always prefer getting the dried beans from the Indian grocery store and soak it overnight and boil the same with enough water and salt. You can boil the beans…

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