Thiruvathirai Kali Recipe | Ezhukari Kootu Recipe | Story

Thiruvathirai Kali Recipe | Thiruvadhirai Story

Thiruvathirai Kali Recipe

Hi folks, I'm back with another festival recipe "Thiruvathirai Kali". Thiruvadirai Kali recipe | Thiruvadhirai Kali recipe is a delicious dish made out of jaggery. Thiruvadirai in Tamil denotes the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva in the form of golden-red flame. Lord Shiva is supposed to be incarnated in the form of Lord Nataraja during the Arudra Darshan day. It takes place on the full moon of the Tamil month of Margazhi. It is celebrated in the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala in India. Lord Shiva is praised in Tamil by many names, one of them is Athiraiyan (Thiru + Athirai).

Thiruvathirai Kali Recipe

In Chidambaram temple, Lord Nataraja idol and His consort Shivagami idol are taken out on grand procession. It is one of the major events in almost all the Shiva temples in Tamil Nadu. In Chennai, Mylapore Kapaleeswarar temple celebrates the Arudra Darshan day. The neivedhiyam for God are "Kali" and "Ezhukari Kootu" or "Thalagam Kuzhambu" which comprises of mixed vegetables. This sweet kali goes well with kootu. In this post, we will learn how to prepare the Thiruvathirai Kali recipe. I couldn't click step by step pictures for this recipe as we were concentrating on the preparation. So let's get started!!!

Thiruvathirai Kali Recipe


1. Raw rice  - 1 cup
2. Jaggery  - 1.5 cup to 2 cups
3. Moong dal - 3 Tablespoon
4. Ghee - 3 Tablespoon
5. Cardamom - 1 teaspoon
6. Cashew - 10
7. Grated coconut - 1/2 cup

Preparation before starting the procedure:

1. Take a pan and dry roast moong dal on a low flame till it turns slightly golden brown and keep it aside. 
2. Then dry roast raw rice on the same pan on a low flame till it turns golden brown. Keep it aside.
3. Allow it cool down and then dry grind the raw rice like rava.
4. Now nicely dry grind the moong dal and mix it with the rava.
5. Using the same pan, pour ghee and roast cashew nuts and keep it aside. Now saute grated coconut in ghee till it gives a nice aroma turning slightly brown in color.

How to Prepare thiruvathirai kali recipe?

1. Take a pan and pour 2.5 cups of water and add jaggery. Keep it on a medium-high flame. Heat it till the jaggery dissolves. Filter the jaggery water to remove the impurities if any.

2. Pour the filtered jaggery in another pan and heat it.

3. Once when the filtered jaggery starts boiling, reduce the flame to low.

4. Now gently add the powdered raw rice (Rava) with one hand and continuously stir with your other hand to avoid the formation of lumps.

5. Transfer it into another pressure cook container and add ghee. Mix it well and pressure cook for 15 mins.

6. Take out the container once the pressure subsides, add the roasted cashew nuts, sauteed grated coconut, and cardamom powder. Mix it well.

7. Add more ghee if required. Now the delicious Kali is ready to be served with Ezhakari Kootu / Thalaga Khuzhambu.

Thiruvathirai Kali Recipe

I learned this thiruvathirai kali and thalaga kuzhambu recipe from my mother-in-law. Try this recipe and let us know how it turns out. Leave a comment if you have any questions. Check out the Thalagam Kuzhambu Recipe. Stay tuned and thank you for visiting Pavi's Kitchen.

Check out my Thalagam Kuzhambu Recipe. 

Thiruvathirai Kali Recipe

Learn to prepare thiruvathirai kali recipe | Thiruvadhirai kali & thalagam kuzhambu


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